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NEWS ANALYSIS / OMNIS TERRA - India, nine years after the anti-Chrstian violence, where is justice'

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Posted on: 09/16/17
Christians in Orissa state well remember the 2008 massacres and commemorate their martyrs. But public institutions and judiciary appear to be on the run with impunity for those responsible and scarce compensation for those affected. The challenge of extremism of Hindu extraction present across the country is one of the questions in the political and social debate in India keenly felt by members of religious minorities mainly Muslims and Christians. Radical groups, supporters of the governing Baratiya Janata Party led by prime minster Narendra Modi, continue to promote violence spreading hatred and intolerance, with Hindutva or ideology aiming for one nation, one religion Hindu. In this framework there comes forcefully to mind the situation and sufferings of Indian Christians in the east Indian state of Orissa , scene of one of the most tremendous waves of religious violence in the country’s history: anti-Christian massacres in 2008.
Locally people keep the date 26 August as Martyrs Day. In this year of 2017, once again the date brought thousands into the streets in Kandhamal district to commemorate that bloody episode of anti-Christian violence which marred modern India

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