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AMERICA/PERU - Lake Titicaca: a route without any control for the trafficking of children

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Posted on: 09/16/17
Puno - To raise awareness among citizens about the serious crime of trafficking and establish common working criteria between the Church, society and the State in order to reduce these cases that occur daily at a national level, especially in the southern part of the Country: these are the objectives of the workshop which recently concluded, on the prevention of trafficking. The meeting took place from 11 to 13 September at Sant'Antonio Abate Parish Auditorium in Cuzco, in the presence of representatives of the regional government, the Catholic Church and the NGO Wayra, an organization promoted by the Society of Jesus.
On the occasion of the World Day of Fight against Trafficking in Persons on July 30, it was announced that in the world more than one victim of trafficking is a child or teenager, and South American reality confirms this sad statistic. Available data on cases in 106 countries are alarming: out of 63,251 globally reported cases, 17,710 concern children or teenagers with a large prevalence of female gender . Minors represent the second largest group among the victims of trafficking after women. From the latest UN data we learn that more than 12 million people are trafficked today around the world. There are more than 500 trafficking routes, of which 32 in Latin America.
In the recent World Day of Fight against Trafficking, the Head of the South of Peru Social Development Secretariat, Juan José Aldazábal Soto, told the local radio that trafficking was very strong in this area of the country. Human trafficking through means of public transport is indeed very difficult to control, because there are no provisions to stop an individual with an unauthorized minor.
An itinerary where there is no control and where frequent transfer of children take place, according to the representative of the regional government, is Lake Titicaca, and therefore has urged the authorities of the Ministry of Transport to supervise circulation around the lake and to take action. Aldazábal Soto specified that there are Bolivian children who are transferred to Madre de Dios and Lima across the undisturbed lake.


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