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AMERICA/CHILE - Mgr. Infanti: "Yesterday Aysen, today Chiloé, tomorrow there will be other crises"

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Posted on: 05/16/16
Aysén - "The crisis in the Los Lagos region presents a national project which becomes more and more a discussion topic, because the development of this social system, essentially neoliberal, instead of producing growth is causing serious damage" says the Apostolic Vicar of Aysen, His Exc. Mgr. Luigi Infanti della Mora O.S.M., in a statement entitled "Chiloé: the sea has been killed", which refers to the socio-environmental crisis that the area is experiencing .
In the document, sent to Fides, the Bishop said: "Once again, a social explosion in southern Chile: Aysen and Magallanes yesterday, Chiloé and Los Lagos Region today. These facts are the effects of a model of development and industrialization planned to exploit the natural resources of the south and the whole of Chile. The earth, water, the sea have been privatized, and today we continue to suffer the consequences".
The Bishop denounces "an exaggerated exploitation of resources" that are delivered "to large multinationals that only seek their own benefit". "That of Chiloé is not only an environmental crisis, but a moral crisis. If a type of work ruins the environment we live in, the common house we live in, it damages our life, our culture, our traditions, which are the greatest wealth we have, and seriously injures the dignity of persons, of the population. This is death". he concluded.
Yesterday there were demonstrations in favor of Chiloé in Valparaiso, organized by university students, and in Puerto Mont, where about 3,000 people protested. The government did not accept the request to appoint a presidential delegate for the case and confirmed the minister of economy Cespedes as the sole intermediary of the government. The international scientific press reports the phenomenon of the "Red Tide" as the biggest reproduction of harmful algae in the history of South America and the second most serious in the world.


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